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    THE DISCOVERY OF GOLD IN called “another folly of Sutter’s,” as my first settlement at the Indians never found a piece of gold and
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    The man who owned Sutter''s Mill, where a nugget of gold and while many others found their fortunes in California, Sutter An article about Sutter''s
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    Gold Rush ! NAVIGATION : 13 James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill arrived by the tens of thousands via wagon and ship, to search for gold in
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  • Gold in California []
    This photograph of Sutter''s Mill was taken in 1852, four years after the discovery that began the gold rush.
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    The video describes the California Gold Rush in 1849. It features the story of John Sutter who discovered gold in the area of his fort/mill. Good quality video.
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  • Ruée vers l''or en Californie — Wikipédia
    La ruée vers l''or commença à Sutter''s Mill (une scierie appartenant au pionnier suisse John Sutter) dans les environs de Coloma le lundi 24 janvier 1848 [7], [8]
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    the discoverer of Gold at Sutter''s Mill. The Gold Rush of 1849 was sparked James Marshall and Sutter''s Mill. James Marshall found flakes of gold in
  • gold rush sutter 39 s mill california 1849
    gold rush sutter 39 s mill california 1849. first gold found in California? Sutters Mill was California Gold Rush Of 1849. Sutter''s Mill California Gold
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    sutters mill = place in california where gold was found matching "term:sutters mill = place in california where gold was found" 6 for gold
  • gold rush sutter 39 s mill california 1849 -
    Sutter''''s Mill and Gold Discovery and 39 Feet California Gold Rush of 1849 . Sutter''''s Mill fortunes in the California Gold Rush. gold was found at Sutter’s
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    The California Gold Rush of 1849 on Coloma, The laborers at the sawmill had close friends working at Sutter’s Fort. As less gold was found,
  • Gold discovered at Sutter’s Creek - Jan 24, 1848 -
    Gold discovered at Sutter’s Creek on Jan 24, The Gold Rush of 1849. news. What’s a 49er? news. Nazi “Ghost Train” Loaded with Gold May Have Been Found
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    Sutter''s Mill and Gold Discovery Site Sutter''s Fort in 1849 visitors to Fort Sutter found John Sutter to be generous and obliging,
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    John A. Sutter and the California Gold Rush.- Sutter''s Mill and Gold Discovery Site
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